Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Well---- my digital camera died awhile ago, so my illustration will have to suffice. Yes: my workplace rules. To compensate us for our long hours and priceless innovation, there are all manners of free treats just for the snacking. As much joy as it brings me to select my daily soda with lunch, feeling downright aristocratic as I haughtily snub Coke Zero for Polar Seltzer, I am doubly happy when I ferret around and make something (a parfait? does that count?) out of nothing. Here's a fancypants parfait from the office fridge. Oh! The mysteriously delicious nut/seed/soy free granola (of dubious nutritional value, but whatever) is Aurora Natural Vanilla Crunch. Making your own would be cheaper and better, and I promise I'll do it sometime soon-- like when the free granola runs out.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Quickie ice cream roundup

Folks: I haven't tried this... actually, I'm not even sure if we own a blender, but it sounds SO GOOD. Judging by the quality of Alex's frozen raspberry sauce last weekend, this is a winner.

5 minute fruit ice cream in a blender

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Little diner "ice creams"


Also, ever since I saw this commercial on TV I've been meaning to make this:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

book review: garlic and sapphires

Stayed up all night reading Garlic and Sapphires. The writing style is not as... tender as Tender at the Bone, but it's a fun yarn and a fast read despite the arrogant celebrity quotient this time around. If you can stand to watch Top Chef (and/or love to revel in the celebrity chef culture-- who doesn't?) then this is a great way to kick off your summer reading and peek into the kitchens of New York's finest. Got any other food-related books I have to read? A recipe I should try? Let me know.