Wednesday, December 3, 2008

i love this man.

From the New York Observer:

“I have no interest in helping people becoming chefs,” Mr. Bittman said. “I have an interest in 50 percent of the people in America knowing how to cook. And whether they cook like chefs or not, I don’t care. It’s probably better if they don’t. It would be better if they cook like me, which is adequately.”

Monday, December 1, 2008

off-topic featurette

Well, someday I'll do a brussel sprouts installment, but after going to the Brooklyn Museum on Saturday and seeing Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party again and writing this essay for Berkeley about being a feminist in the suburbs, I feel compelled to do a little thought-exercise.

A Short List of Women I'm Thankful For... aka Hillary, if you're reading this, please come to thanksgiving next year. I make delicious cheesecake.

Sarah Vowell
Tina Fey
Margaret Cho
J.K. Rowling
Sarah Jones
Judy Shapiro
Anne Hutchinson
Margaret Sanger
Emma Goldman
Anna Devere Smith
Aphra Behn
Susan Sontag
Lucretia Mott
Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Gertrude Stein
Hillary Clinton
bell hooks
Judith Butler
Marjorie Garber
Ruth Reichl
Kathleen Hanna
Liz Phair
Debbie Stoller
Judy Chicago