Monday, February 2, 2009


Look at me, posting twice in a day. Anyways, this is what I 'cooked' today and far be it from me to keep it from you all. "Denk an deinem Publikum..." sorry, I just rewatched the Lives of Others and all day I just want to quote the two lines where the German is slow enough that I can understand it. That was kind of appropriate for the situation and not pretentious though. I swear. Right? Right.

Here is a delicious sauce for your chicken nuggets (homemade, Morningstar Farms or Perdue, I'm not going to judge)

2-3 parts apricot jam
2 parts soy sauce
1-2 parts ketchup
a dash of worcestershire sauce (thanks, spellcheck)

These aren't set in stone (that would be kind of a waste of stone) so if it tastes too much like soy sauce, add some ketchup. If it tastes too sweet add some worcestershire sauce.

WHAT EW GROSS: just shut up and make it sometime, ok?

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